Why Yin Your Skin?

Choosing our products is not just a purchase, but a long-term investment in your skin’s wellbeing, healthy ageing, and supernatural glow. Here’s why: 

Our spirit: No compromises

At Yin Your Skin, we prioritize the quality and efficacy of our ingredients over their cost. For example, we select our base oils not for their price, but for their nourishing properties and superior quality. 

Every oil-based product, such as SALVA, SILEÄ, and AURA, showcases this commitment. We use exceptionally nourishing and nutrient-rich base oils – those that are typically used only in small amounts as active ingredients. We then add active ingredients to the oil base. This ensures our products provide exceptional effectiveness. With Yin Your Skin, you invest in efficacy, not just appearance.

Optimized active ingredients, maximized nurture

In the beauty industry, it is common to use minimal concentrations of active ingredients. At Yin Your Skin, we are dedicated to optimizing the amount of active ingredients for superior results. 

For example, our products Aura and Elo contain patented active compounds that are proven effective at a 1% concentration. However, we include these compounds at 3%, ensuring you receive the highest efficacy. Additionally, our base oils are exceptionally nourishing – typically considered active ingredients and used in low concentrations elsewhere, but we use them as the foundation of our formulations.

Why optimized, not maximized? Maximizing the amount of a single ingredient is not always the best practice. It can have a negative effect on the product’s overall performance or texture (for example, too high amount of glycerin based extracts make the product sticky, too high amount of sea buckthorn berry CO2 extract makes the skin orange, and too high concentration of acids stimulates the skin aggressively and can lead to compromized skin barrier whereas moderate concentration strengthens it). Our philosophy is to use the active ingredients with effective generosity, but not sacrificing the overall functionality of a product. We believe in optimizing the active ingredients and maximizing the nurture.

Careful supplier selection 

We meticulously select our raw material suppliers to ensure their ingredients are effective, innovative, consistent, and traceable. For instance, our botanical extracts from France come from a pioneering company in the industry since 1978. Their unique technology ensures highly effective, standardized extracts that are traceable back to their origin. 

While selectivity may pose inconvenient challenges for a smaller brand, we stand by our commitment to quality above all else. Every drop of our skincare is of premium quality, reflecting our dedication to excellence. At the core of our brand is our integrity, our most vital ingredient.

Nurture first

Our products are based on cold-pressed plant oils, potent plant extracts, and essential oils. We use modern active ingredients carefully. In our products, you’ll never find fragmented or refined plant oils – although they are often cheaper and can provide a silky skin feel, to us, they would feel like a compromise in quality. In our product development, skin-beneficial ingredients always come first. 

Thoughtful formulation

We believe in high performing simplicity. Instead of overloading our products with numerous active ingredients, we thoughtfully select a few and optimize their concentrations, ensuring each product’s base is as high-quality and nourishing as possible. In skincare product development and formulation, more is not always more. Achieving the perfect balance of ingredients requires the expertise and experience of a professional formulator, along with a deep knowledge of skincare.

Beyond hand-made: advanced technical quality

Our products are formulated with exceptional technical quality, which cannot be achieved with "hand-made" cosmetics. We have a top-tier chemist on our team, ensuring that the technical quality of our products is on a whole new level. We set strict requirements and expectations for the technical performance and skin feel of our products. Our vision is based on over 25 years of professional expertise and a deep understanding of high-quality skincare. All our skincare products are developed and made in small batches in Finland.

Results-driven sensory excellence

Our products are designed for those who demand clear results and effectiveness from their skincare, as well as sensory experiences that go beyond the surface. The aromatherapeutic quality is a key aspect of our product development, ensuring each use is a deeply rejuvenating experience for both skin and senses.

Sustainable & protective packaging

Our products are packaged in violet Miron glass, which protects the contents from harmful sun rays and significantly extends shelf life. Miron glass is fully recyclable, and the other packaging components are also recyclable, except for the pumps. Our bottles are made in Europe and our external packaging is made in Finland from PEFC-certified cardboard.

Transparency guarantee

At Yin Your Skin, we believe in full transparency about our ingredients. You’re always welcome to reach out to you if you have any questions about our ingredients. We are committed to providing prompt answers to ensure you have complete confidence in the quality and integrity of our formulations. In our webshop, you'll always discover a detailed list of active ingredients and their origins for every product we offer.