About us

Founded by the acclaimed beauty therapist and acupuncturist Katja Kokko, Yin Your Skin celebrates the highest standards of botanical expertise. Rooted in the transformative power of nature, Yin Your Skin offers artfully crafted formulas designed to ignite your supernatural glow.

Yin Your Skin

Founded by the acclaimed beauty therapist and acupuncturist Katja Kokko, Yin Your Skin celebrates the highest standards of botanical expertise. Rooted in the transformative power of nature and 25 years of experience, Yin Your Skin offers artfully crafted formulas designed to ignite your supernatural glow. 

We know that great things are made of relentless passion, resilience, and the finest high-performing botanicals. Each Yin Your Skin creation is formulated with uncompromising vision from highly effective natural ingredients. 

Holistic beauty is not a destination. It’s a lifelong journey. Yin Your Skin offers a sanctuary of self-care rituals that nourish not only your skin but also your soul. We pour our heart into every creation, delivering both results and experiences that elevate your wellness to new heights.

Explore our botanical skincare solutions in your home spa or indulge yourself in our founder’s esteemed clinical practice in Helsinki & Paris. For those seeking at-home rituals, we offer high quality gua sha tools and online courses, combining facial gua sha techniques with guided yin yoga, relaxation and meditation practices.

Our mission

While our products and treatments deliver premium efficacy and visible skincare results, our mission goes deeper than the surface. We are passionate about practices and techniques that contribute to the overall wellness of the nervous system and tissues. In addition to our skincare products, we offer guidance to facial gua sha techniques, yin yoga, relaxation and meditation practices.

Our skincare philosophy integrates exceptional products and techniques that go beyond the surface, reaching into layers where skincare products won’t penetrate. As we nurture the skin’s surface, we also prioritize the well-being of the nervous system, tissues, and both blood and lymph circulation. This comprehensive approach ensures complete rejuvenation and healthy ageing. 

Instead of relying on external beauty and quick fixes, we cultivate better self-care and conscious choices. We wholeheartedly embrace all the wisdom, grace and experience that come with ageing. Instead of longing for your younger self, we celebrate the gorgeousness you radiate today.

Staying natural is one of our core values. In the heart of our brand lies a deep connection to our Nordic heritage where nature reigns supreme. We hold a profound appreciation and respect for the wonders and botanical magic of the natural world.

We are highly dedicated to sustainable practices. When selecting ingredients and talking about their effects, transparency and high quality serve as our guideline. We firmly believe that honesty and openness are not only crucial to natural beauty but also fundamental to raising the standards of the skincare industry. 

Sourcing our ingredients from partners dedicated to science, innovation, and reliable efficacy ensures that we uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity. All our skincare products are developed and made in small batches in Finland.

“When you dedicate yourself exploring the depths of what captivates your heart, you will uncover a creation that reflects your unique essence. That essence is your guidance – your personal force of nature.”

– Katja Kokko, founder

In 2016, Katja Kokko experienced the transformative powers of yin yoga and discovered its remarkable impact on the skin. This profound revelation sparked a fierce desire within her to explore the depths of beauty beyond surface. With unwavering determination, she embarked on a personal odyssey called Yin Your Skin, not knowing how deep it would lead her.

By today, Katja has accumulated 25 years of professional experience on the beauty industry. She is an acclaimed beauty therapist, skincare professional, licensed acupuncturist, and yoga teacher.

Katja’s broad education contains cosmetology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, facial gua sha, Dr. Vodder manual lymph drainage, connective tissue manipulation, facial reflexology, and organic cosmetics formulation. Katja actively trains beauty professionals to her own Yin Your Skin treatment protocol.

Through years of dedicated research and study, Katja has honed her expertise and uncovered hidden connections between inner well-being and outer radiance. Her commitment to holistic beauty and her transformative practices have touched the lives and hearts of many, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of their own beauty.

In addition to her dedicated product development work, Katja regularly gives treatments at her clinical practice in Helsinki and Paris. Her treatments include facial gua sha, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, and manual lymph drainage. Katja is known from her healing hands – and her unique ability to encounter her clients on a deep holistic level, guiding them into a deep trance-like state of relaxation.

Katja is a renowned professional on the field, known as a true embodiment to personal growth and authentic creations. Through Yin Your Skin, Katja’s vision pushes the boundaries of holistic skincare and creates experiences that uplift and empower. She embarks on the path of honoring the untamed beauty of her own journey – always inviting others to join.

In 2022, Katja received the respected Kauneuspilkku, (“Impact of the Year”) award from the National Association of Finnish Beauty Editors.

Katja’s teachers & mentors

During her passionate career, Katja has had the priviledge of learning from a select group of acclaimed teachers and mentors, whose wisdom has been instrumental in shaping her expertise.

Katja initially studied cosmetic gua sha with Cecily Braden, who creatively combines different techniques with facial gua sha. Cecily’s technical approach greatly influenced Katja’s understanding of the practice. In 2019, she crossed paths with her most significant teacher and mentor Anne Bramham. With over four decades of experience training beauty professionals, Anne’s expertise left a profound impact on Katja. Studying connective tissue manipulation with her, Katja was deeply touched by Anne’s wisdom, and discovered a whole new level of understanding the anatomy of the skin.

In 2022, Katja had the opportunity to study Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage basic and advanced level for the face and neck with Ashley Jo Press, whose expertise stems directly from the renowned Vodder Institute. Not only did Ashley touch Katja’s heart, but she also served a great source of professional inspiration.

Throughout her 3,5-year-long studies at the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Finland, Katja had the honor of being mentored by Taina Alakulppi. Katja remains deeply grateful of Tanja’s profound expertise, heartfelt support and collaborative spirit. Katja is now delighted to participate as a teacher in Taina’s Mei Rong training, where she shares her knowledge and trains acupuncturists expand their expertise in facial gua sha, topical skincare and cosmetic ingredients.

Education & training

  • Member of BAcC (British Acupuncture Council)
  • Member of the Association of Finnish Beauty Therapists
  • Member of the Finnish Traditional Chinese Medicine Society of Acupuncture and Herbs (FinnAcu)
  • Member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists in the UK (FHT)
  • Member of The Association of Finnish Non-fiction Writers
  • Licensed Beauty Therapist, 1999-2002, Jyväskylä Institute of Social and Health Care
  • Make-Up Artist, 2003, International Make-Up Center
  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, 2014-2016, Magnus Appelberg
  • Organic Cosmetic Formulator, Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science, 2016, Formula Botanica
  • Organic Cosmetic Formulator, Certificate in Organic Anti-Aging Skincare, 2018, Formula Botanica
  • Facial Reflexology, Dien Chan Zone® Operator, 2018, International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology

  • Reiki I, 2018, Jutta Ruonansuu

  • Facial Gua Sha, Gua Sha Fusion, 2018, Cecily Braden, CJB Beauty Secrets

  • Gua Sha, The Level 1 Foundational Program, 2019, Clive Witham

  • Connective Tissue Manipulation, 2019, Anne Bramham, ASTECC
Gua Sha, Gua Sha Certificate Level 2, 2020, Clive Witham

  • Spa Wellness Coaching, 2020, Leah Carver & Anne Bramham, ASTECC
Yoga Anatomy, 20 hrs, 2020, Yoganatomy, Davil Keil
  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (Yoga Chikitsa), RYS200, 2019-2020, John Scott Yoga, Sandra Howling
  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (Nadi Shodhana), RYS500, 2021, John Scott Yoga, Sandra Howling

  • Mei Rong – Cosmetic Treatment Techniques (Facial acupuncture), Janyary 2022-June 2022, Finnish Academy of Chinese Medicine
The Vodder Technique Manual Lymph Drainage, Basic & Advanced
    Neck & Face Program, 40 hour, 2022, ASTECC, Ashley Jo Press

  • Acupuncturist, 2020-2023, Finnish Academy of Chinese Medicine
  • Lymphatic Mojo Workshop, 14 hrs, 2023, Stop Chasing Pain, Perry Nickelston


  • Aidosti kaunis, 2015, Cozy Publishing (this book, “Genuine Beauty”, has also English version as an e-book, available here)

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