Yin Your Skin introduces the unbeateble strategies of skincare and guides you straight to the sources of best results.

The visible effects of our unique skincare regime

Yin Your Skin is the outcome of founder Katja Kokko’s 25 years of expertise in skincare. 

Our skincare philosophy integrates exceptional products and techniques that go beyond the surface, reaching into layers where skincare products won’t penetrate. As we nurture the skin’s surface, we also prioritize the well-being of the nervous system, tissues, and both blood and lymph circulation. This comprehensive approach ensures complete rejuvenation and healthy ageing. 

Yin Your Skin introduces the unbeateble strategies of skincare and guides you straight to the sources of best results.

The Yin Your Skin skincare regime aims for long-term results and optimal wellbeing for the skin – skin that looks healthy at any age. Our skincare philosophy replaces the term anti-aging with healthy aging. The foundation for our entire philosophy is that the skin is not a separate entity from the rest of the body, even if it’s the most superficial and visible part. 

The skin is our largest organ that provides outermost protection for organs, bones, muscles, joints, tissue, nerves and veins – the whole package. Anything happening beneath the skin affects how it looks on the outside. The opposite is true, too: anything the skin gets in contact with ranging from cosmetics to pollution and changing weather conditions affects its appearance and its functions.

When you touch your face, your nervous system relaxes and you get in touch with your unique beauty. This is self-love and self-care in its purest form. A holistic skincare routine, balanced lifestyle and committed self-care are a reliable recipe for healthy, vital and glowing skin. That’s why Yin Your Skin teaches you all the best holistic practices that Katja Kokko has learned during her successful, 25 year long career in holistic beauty.

Yin Your Skin skincare philosophy

According to the Yin Your Skin skincare philosophy, the number of products is always chosen according to the skin’s unique needs. As you treat your skin with the efficient, holistic self-care methods, you can create yourself a minimalist skip care routine with a minimal amount of products. When the products are of high quality and applied in a strategic order using the best application methods, you'll see visible results.

The main principles of the Yin Your Skin skincare regime are to optimize the skin’s own moisture-lipid balance, boost the immune defence system, maintain the pH balance, provide plenty of hydration and adopt optimal application techniques and gua sha massage.

The Yin Your Skin online course includes a 20-minute video with detailed instructions for a multi-step skincare regime, which will show you the right order and most efficient methods for applying products. You can also download extensive materials on the basics of skincare that will help you see why the method is best suited for skin.

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