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Yin Your Skin treatment menu includes facial gua sha, acupuncture, facial acupuncture with LED, dry cupping and Vodder technique Manual Lymph Drainage. We also offer in-person training for qualified aestheticians and acupuncturists.

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Yin Your Skin Lifting & Renewal Gua Sha Facelift

Yin Your Skin Lifting & Renewal Gua Sha Facelift is a transformative treatment, more than just a facial. The effects of this unique facial gua sha treatment travel from the skin to the core. The treatment invigorates the lymph flow, skin metabolism and releases tension in the connective tissue, which improves skin mobility and tissue hydration. It effectively relaxes the nervous system layer by layer, providing optimal conditions for the renewal of the skin, body and mind.

The treatment visibly brightens and tightens the skin, instantly removes puffiness, and accentuates facial features like the contour of the jawline and cheekbones. The treatment brings together techniques from the traditional gua sha, acupressure, connective tissue manipulation and manual lymph drainage performed by gua sha tools. The 100-minute treatment is a combination of facial gua sha from the décolletage to the crown of the head and Yin Your Skin signature sound healing composed by Finnish pianist and composer IRENE.

The treatment is available at Healing House of Muse & Heroine in Paris. Bookings here.

Yin Your Skin Sculpting Gua Sha Facelift

Indulge in an exclusive, transformative experience that effectively lifts and redefines your facial contours.

Harnessing the power of facial Gua Sha, acupressure, and connective tissue manipulation, this treatment releases deep-seated tension in the connective tissues while effectively soothing the nervous system. This exquisite dual effect reshapes and rearranges the facial tissues, unveiling a sculpted appearance and more defined facial features.

This treatment guarantees intensified cellular oxygenation and nutrient delivery, promoting cellular rejuvenation and vitalizing your skin at its core. Precision treatment of facial expression muscles helps soften the appearance of fine lines, ensuring a comprehensive facial renewal experience and a remodeled, youthful visage.

In addition to the aesthetic effects and facelift, this treatment guides you to a deep, trance-like state of relaxation, heightened by the original Yin Your Skin soundscape.

The treatment is available at Healing House of Muse & Heroine in Paris. Bookings here.

Acupuncture, dry cupping and moxibustion

An initial acupuncture consultation always lasts 1.5 hours. During the consultation, in addition to tongue and pulse diagnostics, extensive questioning is carried out to get an overall picture of the needs of the client. Based on this, an individual treatment plan, including the acupuncture points to be used, is drawn up. In addition to acupuncture, I also use dry cupping and moxibustion treatments. Depending on the symptoms, more than one treatment session is usually needed and the treatment should take place on a regular basis – appropriate treatment intervals vary, but 1–2 weeks is usual. Follow-up visits last 1 hour.

The World Health Organization has prepared a list of more than 400 ailments and diseases that can be treated with Traditional Chinese medicine. The list is not comprehensive, nor is it intended to imply that the ailments found on it can always be helped by acupuncture and/or Chinese Medicine. However, it can offer a preliminary understanding of the possibilities offered by these forms of treatment.

Examples of common ailments for which acupuncture may be helpful are:

• Menstrual disorders and other gynaecological and hormonal problems (e.g. myomas, endometriosis)
• Infertility
• Morning sickness
• Insomnia, fatigue, depression and memory problems
• Headache, migraine and dizziness
• Teeth grinding
• Skin problems, such as rashes, acne, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, atopic eczema
• Pollen allergies
• Poor appetite, digestive and bowel disorders, irritated colon and oedema
• Muscle aches and joint pain
• Nerve pain and dysfunction

I refer all clients with serious or even slightly suspicious symptoms for examination and treatment from a doctor. I don’t treat cancer patients at all.

Dry cupping is most commonly used to treat muscle tension. Treatment sessions last 30 minutes. It should be noted that dry cupping leaves noticeable marks on the skin.

Moxibustion is usually used in combination with acupuncture. The most commonly used form is indirect moxa, where the acupuncture points are heated with a moxa cigar made from a plant of the mugwort (Artemisia argyi) family. Moxa is often used to treat chronic conditions. It strengthens the body’s own energy, enabling it to combat external issues.

Renewing Facial Acupuncture with LED-light Therapy

Cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic treatment method that balances the body and mind, treating signs of ageing, stress, and fatigue. The treatment doesn’t aim only for local and superficial changes and results, but improves wellness also on a deep, holistic level. By achieving balance in the body and mind, skin on the face lights up and becomes radiant – and eyes reflect a newfound sparkle. The purpose of cosmetic acupuncture is to support healthy ageing and help individuals glow at their current age.

During the treatment, sterile, disposable acupuncture needles (usually 15 mm long) are used on the face. In addition, intradermal needles (3-7 mm long) are used and handled with tweezers. In addition to the face, body needles are always used in cosmetic acupuncture to treat and balance the whole body. Acupuncture points on the body are always selected individually based on the interview and tongue and pulse diagnostics.

Celluma Pro LED therapy is used to enhance the effect of acupuncture needles. The different colors of the wavelength penetrate to different depths of the tissues, providing additional boost for treating wrinkles, sagging tissue, dull skin tone, and impurities.

What kind of treatment results can realistically be expected from cosmetic acupuncture?

• Fading of shallow wrinkles
• Shrinking of deep wrinkles
• Reduction of facial puffiness
• Lifting of the upper eyelids
• Lifting of a sagging chin
• Smoothing out of skin tone
• Improved moisture–fat balance of the skin
• Plumper skin
• General brightening and tightening of the skin
• Strengthening of the connective tissues
• Improved toning of the face, neck and décolletage

Partial success can be achieved in the treatment of deep wrinkles, a severely sagging chin and heavy bags under the eyes. A regular course of treatment over six months may be needed to treat acne scars and pigment spots.

The treatment outcome is affected by the client’s age, general state of health and life situation. Treatment outcomes can be assisted by making lifestyle changes, and often a long treatment period supports the client in such changes. It may take a few weeks before the results of the treatment begin to be seen, with how quickly the results are visible being affected by the above-mentioned factors.

At least five treatments are usually required, and the best results are achieved with 10 treatments. Treatments should initially take place once a week, with subsequent maintenance sessions once a month. It is also recommended that clients carry out, for example, a facial Gua Sha or dry cupping treatment at home to maintain the results.

Cosmetic acupuncture is contraindicated in the following situations:

• During pregnancy
• Influenza or cold
• Severe nausea or headaches
• Bleeding disorders
• If the skin has undergone a strong chemical peel less than two weeks ago or a laser treatment less than three weeks ago
• Acute serious diseases
• High blood pressure
• Acute allergic reactions or the herpes virus

Treatment must be carefully considered in the following situations:

• Blood thinners
• Chronic migraine
• Diabetes
• Botox or fillers have been applied to the skin
• Open wounds or bruises
• Immunity is compromised
• Skin is very thin

I carry out cosmetic acupuncture as a series of treatments. Individual sessions are not available. A treatment appointment lasts for 90 minutes and includes a consultation, tongue and pulse diagnostics, and the drawing up of a treatment plan on the first visit. The actual treatment includes the initial cleansing, Celluma LED light therapy, cosmetic acupuncture for the face and body, and moisturizing the skin with an essence and a facial oil.

In addition, a specific treatment for the skin around the eyes is available, which includes an initial cleansing; the treatment, which uses a Korean needling technique; the application of a few body-balancing needles; and a facial Gua Sha treatment for the skin around the eyes. If desired, LED light therapy can be combined with the above as an additional service.

The treatment is available at Healing House of Muse & Heroine in Paris. Bookings here.

Vodder Technique Manual Lymph Drainage

Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage, recognized as the gold standard of manual lymphatic drainage, uses light, rhythmic touch to remove excess fluid, pathogens, and cellular waste from your tissues. It promotes free flow of fluids, and improves transportation of oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This treatment is gentle, yet highly effective. It reduces puffiness, redness, and irritation but also promotes cell regeneration, giving your skin a healthy glow and natural facelift.

The treatment is suitable for everyone, especially for the dull, stressed, fatigued, and mature skin, as well as for acne, scars, rosacea, and couperose skin. The effects of the light, rhythmic touch travels from the skin to the core and allows your nervous system to calm – creating a space where you can rest, relax and rejuvenate.

Contraindications for MLD:

  • Acute infection
  • Flu
  • Cancer
  • Congestive Heart Disease
  • Thrombosis
  • Botox within the last 3 months

The treatment is available at Healing House of Muse & Heroine in Paris. Bookings here.

Next training

Facial gua sha training for professionals

Thu-Fri 15.-16.6.2023

The Academy of Chinese Medicine in Finland

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Professional training

Yin Your Skin Pro training designed for licensed aestheticians and Chinese Medicine acupuncturists provides the foundations for performing facial gua sha treatments in customer work.

The two-day intensive in-person training package comprises theoretical studies and hands on practical exercises. The theoretical section includes studies on facial and connective tissue anatomy and the impacts and principles of facial gua sha. Practical exercises focus on the right techniques and protocols for providing a firming treatment for the décolletage, face and front and back of the neck, facial treatment to remove puffiness and metabolic waste, and invigorating treatment for the scalp. The practical section also involves targeted treatments for the skin around the eyes and wrinkles, and explores the right methods for challenges like acne and rosacea. Participants will become familiar with gua sha tools and plan customer marketing and pricing.

Treatments are available at The Healing House of Muse & Heroine in Paris.

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