Yin Your Skin® SALVA Cleansing Potion

for Purifying Rites & Aromatherapy



SALVA is a charismatic and holistic cleansing balm for all skin types. SALVA has a strong aromatherapeutic character with purifying effects. It brings about the undeniable power of healing herbs and green elegance.

SALVA is an optimal deep cleansing product that doesn’t irritate at all. Its soft, creamy texture comes from the combination of cucumber seed oil and tamanu oil – which effectively balances and soothes the skin. Green clay brings brightening and deep cleansing effects to the skin. The dreamy balm spreads easily on the face, cleanses makeup and rinses effortlessly with water.

The balancing recipe of SALVA is finessed with the essential oils of cardamom and lemongrass. Its effects speak for themselves – SALVA is a wonderful cleansing potion that convinces even the most demanding user. SALVA is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. It works its magic as an intensive soother for irritated, inflamed and stressed skin.

SALVA has an aura of eternal herbal wisdom. It effectively supports and guards healthy skin barrier function, no matter the skin type or age. The combination of effective ingredients and aromatherapeutic character makes SALVA an experience. SALVA embodies a modern purifying rite that cleanses both the skin and spirit.

In Finnish language, SALVA is the word for ancient herbal healing potions. In Finnish folklore and tradition, purifying rites, such as sauna, are sacred everyday practices for cleansing the mind, body and spirit. SALVA is inspired by the intention of withdrawing from the outer world for a little yet significant cleansing ritual – and then coming back transformed and renewed.

Product size 50 ml.

Yin Your Skin SALVA Cleansing Potion is designed by Katja Kokko and made in Finland. All ingredients are sustainably sourced and carefully hand-picked for your best experience.

*Certified organic
**From natural essential oil



Apply a pea-sized amount onto dry face and neck. Massage carefully with damp fingers for about a minute. Thanks to the small amount of water, the balm turns into a full-bodied cream. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Finish with Yin Your Skin IHME Botanical Wonder Essence and SILEÄ Silky Facial Oil.



The high levels of vitamin E in cucumber seed oil prevent the cell damage caused by free radicals. They also prevent the signs of premature ageing on the skin from stress and fatigue and brighten the skin tone. In addition, the phytosterols contained in cucumber seed oil smooth out fine lines and enhance the production of collagen and elastin.

Cucumber seed oil contains plenty of linoleic acid, which soothes inflammation, irritation and impurities, and oleic acid, which prevents skin dryness.

Cucumber seed oil benefits all skin types and maintains vitality and prevents inflammation. It is also particularly good for the treatment of various skin imbalances, including acne, rosacea, atopy and psoriasis.

Tamanu oil is the highest-ranking member of the oils used on skin. This aromatic-smelling, cold-pressed oil has antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral effects. It soothes inflammation, irritation and impurities. Tamanu oil enhances skin regeneration and, because of this, is well-suited to treating scars and skin damage. In addition, it protects the skin from free radicals, thus preventing the premature signs of ageing caused by stress and fatigue.

Tamanu oil contains generous quantities of alpha-linolenic acid, linoleic acid and oleic acid, all of which soothe inflammation, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and prevent skin dryness.

Tamanu oil is suitable for use on all skin types to maintain vitality. It is also particularly good for acne, rosacea, atopy and psoriasis, and for the treatment of pigment spots and scars.

Green clay obtained from the sea deeply cleanses the skin, absorbs excess sebum and invigorates microcirculation, helping to cleanse the skin of impurities and dirt, such as air pollution. Green clay tightens sagging skin, reduces the visibility of skin pores, removes swelling and soothes inflammation, impurities and rashes. Green clay contains magnesium, silica and calcium, which together calm the silent inflammation and irritation caused by stress and fatigue, as well as toning and balancing the skin.

Cardamom essential oil has antiseptic, skin cleansing and invigorating effects on microcirculation. Due to its aromatherapeutic effects, cardamom essential oil is considered an aphrodisiac and very refreshing.

Lemongrass essential oil has astringent, antiseptic and refreshing effects. It cleanses skin pores deeply, and soothes inflammation, impurities and rashes. Lemongrass essential oil has aromatherapeutic effects that relieve stress, lift mood and balance the nervous system.