Yin Your Skin IHME Test Group Results

Yin Your Skin IHME Test Group Results

A test group of fifteen people with different skin types tried out the Yin Your Skin IHME Botanical Wonder Essence for a duration of four weeks in November 2022.

Use of the product during the test period

The testers applied one full dropper of the IHME essence morning and night every other day. Apart from replacing their usual toner or essence on test days and taking a break from other products containing fruit acids and retinoids, no other changes were made to the participants’ regular skin care routines. The frequency of use was adjusted during the
test period according to need, for example due to sensitive skin.

The results showed that the gently exfoliating, brightening and moisturizing intensive care essence: relieved blemish-prone skin; brightened dull winter skin; evened out signs of aging; soothed dehydrated skin; and when used less frequently, balanced out sensitive skin. Many noticed that makeup would simply glide onto the skin after applying the product. Read on to find out about the experiences of the test group and see before and after images by skin type.


Mari, 34

Mari was hoping the IHME treatment would help combat impurities on her forehead, cheeks and neck and smooth down enlarged pores, pigment spots and dull, lacklustre skin. She witnessed the blemish-busting power of the IHME essence already during the first week of testing.

”Already after the first day, my spots seemed to calm down, looked less raised and redness subsided. By the end of the week, my blemish-prone skin had significantly improved.”

During the fourth week, Mari was pleased to notice her frown line had almost completely disappeared. “My frown line visibly smoothed down during the test period. Despite being under some stress and not sleeping
so well lately, it hasn’t been as pronounced as usual.”

Towards the end of the test period, she also noticed desired results in her pores. “After applying my makeup today, I noticed that my pores were hardly visible underneath anymore. I always wear light makeup that doesn’t hide the pores completely, and today my skin was looking
particularly good.”

Mari was pleased with the moisturizing effect of the product. A single filled dropper was enough to moisturize the face and neck. “I often felt
I didn’t need to add a separate moisturizer.”

Mari was extremely satisfied with the effects. “During the test period, my skin remained nice and moisturized and looked a lot brighter and
luminous. Larger pimples caused by acne were much quicker to heal, and
by the end of the test period, my pores and lines had become

Dehydration and clogged pores

”A miracle happened!” sums up Minna in her final report as she found relief for her dehydrated skin and blocked pores.

”My blocked pores improved, and my skin was brighter and less dehydrated.”

Minna’s skin had suffered from dehydration before the test, while moisturizer only seemed to clog pores and make skin greasy. Clogged pores affected her whole face, and her cheeks would easily get flushed.

Minna was nervous that the essence would cause redness or have some other adverse reaction, but instead she witnessed her skin improving week by week. Already into the second week, a friend commented that Minna’s skin was looking particularly healthy and radiant.

Emmi, 33

Emmi initially described her skin as being out of balance. Her dehydrated combination skin was prone to oiliness on the T-zone and her menstrual cycle would cause it to flare up. Sometimes it was sensitive
and itchy. Emmi was hoping the product would sooth inflammation and create a brighter, more even skin tone.

Emmi thought the IHME essence had a pleasant texture that thickened up nicely in the palms of the hands and was quick to absorb into the skin
without leaving it sticky. She noticed visible results already in the second week. “My skin was calmer than usual during the luteal phase of my cycle. It appeared more balanced and less rough, feeling smoother and softer.”

Emmi found the product to help her in all critical areas. “My skin
wasn’t as greasy, which was noticeable especially during hormonal changes. Also my skin tone improved. Now, my foundation glides on smoothly and stays put unlike before using the essence. I’m a strong
believer in the product’s effectiveness in enhancing skin tone and fading out scarring, as my skin seems cleaner and more breathable in such a short time.”

Oiliness, clogged pores and dull skin color

Viola, 35

Viola is happy with the even tone and general condition of her skin but is bothered by tiny spots and enlarged pores around her chin and nose. She’s noticed that her skin is dehydrated in wintertime and is prone to irritation around the cheeks and nose when temperatures dip below zero. Viola was hoping to achieve an extra glow, fade pores and improve the suppleness of her skin, and IHME delivered results in just four weeks.

”The product had a brightening effect, as if a dull layer subtly disappeared from the surface of the skin. It also reduced the amount of tiny spots I’m prone to. My skin gets really sensitive during the winter, but now it tolerated the cold better and wasn’t as reactive to external factors.”

Raised spotty patches diminished. Viola’s skin needs plenty of moisturization in the wintertime, so she used IHME as part of her other skincare regime.

”The texture and feel on the skin were wonderful! It felt light, luxurious and fresh.”

Janina, 38

Also Janina was eager to get rid of impurities and redness, reporting on positive effects already during the first week. “My skin calmed down despite a few inflamed spots on my chin. The redness seemed to subside, and my skin didn’t look as shiny under makeup.”

After a month, the mirror reflected a brighter, more even-toned face with less redness. Janina was also impressed with the moisturizing effects of the product. “My skin has felt plump the whole time, and I’ve ended up using less of the Djusie essence. My skin has yearned for several, five to seven layers of Djusie essence before, but this changed during the test period. My skin felt hydrated the whole time.”

Although Janina didn’t get rid of every single impurity, she found herself grabbing the makeup sponge less often. “It’s easier to be without makeup and that’s quite something!”

Dull skin and small spots

Kirsi, 50

”My skin has never been as hydrated!” Many think acids will dry up the skin, but as Kirsi’s experience proves, they can actually act as humectants. She has combination skin, which is at times dehydrated, at times oily. Blackheads appear on the nose and cheekbones. She wears a face mask at work, which causes red pimples especially around the lips.

Kirsi was after a healthier, more radiant look and less pimples. During the first week, “my skin looks better, the tiny spots have disappeared, and my skin has calmed down.” On the second week, she noticed that the facial oil she used would spread more evenly and become absorbed more effectively than before. “My face felt moisturized and no longer got as irritated while wearing a mask at work.” As the test period continued, her red pimples gradually disappeared.

”From now on, I’ll be using the IHME essence as an intense treatment at regular intervals.”

Redness and impurities

Anna-Kaisa, 27

Anna-Kaisa was keen to take part in the test group, as she was after a more even skin texture, calming down impurities and reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. She has patches of couperose skin at times, which had flared up as she began the test.

Already during the first week, Anna-Kaisa noticed a decrease in impurities and redness. By the fourth week, she could confirm that the IHME essence kept impurities at bay.

”The product moisturized and made my skin look fresher, adding a real glow when applied. My foundation spread more evenly onto the skin afterwards.”

Although she didn’t notice any significant improvements to her couperose skin during the test period, according to the final report, the disappearance of impurities gave her an extra boost of confidence. Also the moisturizing effects of the product had evened out lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin.

Rosacea, POD and sensitive skin

Mari, 46

”My rosacea skin loved IHME! My skin wasn’t as flushed and cheeks less red, and any impurities disappeared almost completely.”

In her application for the test group, Mari had mentioned an uneven skin tone that was prone to redness. It felt dry, and more fine lines and wrinkles were appearing by the day. She also suffered from pimples, and as is typical for rosacea, her skin would turn red and flushed from time to time.

IHME was gentle but efficient for Mari’s sensitive skin. “The effects were visible already after the first week of use. My skin tone evened out, and my skin felt incredibly soft. I gained a wonderful glow. Any impurities, redness, flushing and fine lines lessened or even disappeared within a month.”

Tuula, 30

Tuula’s skin is sensitive and at times atopic. She suffers from atopic dermatitis on her face in the wintertime, especially around the eyes. A year ago, she developed rosacea and POD and was diagnosed with a yeast infection on her face. Her skin becomes irritated by external stress factors and is prone to redness, occasionally getting nodular pimples around the mouth. However, her skin was calm at the start of the test.

Tuula was hoping the test would help balance out her sensitive, tricky skin. She has been wary about exfoliating but was keen to find a gently exfoliating product that would be suitable for her skin. A natural, non-medicated treatment was on her wish list.

Tuula’s experience proves that IHME works miracles also on sensitive skin when used at a suitable frequency.

”During the first week, my rosacea-prone skin became slightly irritated. It showed redness, and tiny rosacea spots appeared especially around the mouth and on the forehead. A medicated cream helped calm the situation, and I was able to carry on using the IHME essence. Applying the product twice a week worked out for me. My skin remained calm from then on.”

Tuula continued the test by using the product twice a week and started to see results. “Moisturization was the most visible effect on my skin. Instead of being tight and flaky, it was softer and smoother than usual for this time of year. And I’m sure my skin tone was more even, especially on test week three.”

Tuula was particularly pleased to have found a gently exfoliating, effective essence for her skin care regimen, just as she had hoped. “I’ve consciously avoided exfoliators due to my skin type.”

Tuula also praised the scent of the product.

”IHME smells amazing! I find it woody, herbal and earthy, not really reminding me of any other product I’ve used before. The scent is initially nice and strong, dissolving fairly quickly after applying. I’d love to be able to use it more often if purely for the fragrance!”

Maria, 43

Also Maria’s skin is atopic, sensitive, dehydrated and irritable. Stressful periods can trigger POD. Based on the test, also Maria would recommend those with a similar skin type to start using the IHME essence gradually.

Maria found the product to effectively moisturize, making her skin soft and silky. “My facial skin is in much better condition than the rest of my skin. Regular use of the product has ensured my face is much more hydrated, while other areas of my winter skin have turned flaky.

Maria found the product to alleviate the redness around her chin caused by POD pimples. “I found the product to calm down the usual activity and redness of my skin to a degree. Its overall appearance has improved, and it looks more luminous than in the beginning.”

There was also one test person in the group with POD, which was triggered after the second time using the product. The person experienced that the product was too activating for her skin, at least with this frequency.

Ageing skin

Minna, 56

”IHME essence adds the finishing touches to my skin care. It’s the missing part I’ve now found.”

At the start, Minna said her skin had aged naturally, but her pores felt exceptionally enlarged. Her skin was often flaky, tight and red, yet would get shiny during the course of the day. In other words, Minna was hoping to find a solution for her dehydrated skin, redness and enlarged pores, while some extra firmness wouldn’t hurt either.

Already during the third week, Minna noticed some welcome changes in many of the areas: “My skin feels better, isn’t as red, and it doesn’t get as tight and itchy as normal. Considering that I’m outside a lot with my small puppy in changing weather conditions, my skin hasn’t suffered with the varying temperatures that much. I’m pretty sure my skin also feels more supple than before.”

As a result, Minna’s skin felt more hydrated, moisturized and supple, and her skin tone evened out. Also her pores diminished. IHME became her new, trusted go-to product.

”The essence is perfect for my skin after cleansing. It combats dehydration and tightness and helps my facial oil to absorb. Makeup is easy to apply afterwards even in the cold winter months, as the surface of the skin doesn’t get flaky anymore.”

The best facial booster of the year

IHME Botanical Wonder Essence was chosen as the best facial booster of the year 2022 by Finnish magazines Anna and Kauneus & Terveys. The essence does what it promises: instantly brightens the skin.

The frequency of use should be adjusted according to the skin type. For most people, few evenings per week is perfect, but some are using it every evening. The acid content of the product is 6,4 %, which is a moderate level for leave on product. The acids come from the hibiscus flower acids and lactic acid, which are good especially for the dry and dehydrated skin. Ihme moisturises and brightens the skin effectively, supports the keratinization process and ceramid synthesis and therefore the optimal barrier function. This explains why the product suits so well for the atopic and dry skin. In addition to that, Ihme boosts very gently the desquamation of dead skin cells from the surface of Stratum Corneum

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