The results of SILEÄ test group

The results of SILEÄ test group

In December 2020, we gathered a test group of 20 people with very different skin types. They used SILEÄ facial oil for four weeks, and afterwards shared their experiences.

SILEÄ test group

When we were creating SILEÄ facial oil, we strongly planned to keep it as a 1000 piece limited edition. Because the product got so much wonderful feedback, another batch was already produced in November. We don’t want to manufacture a product just to warm the shelves, so we got an idea to test the product on a group to decide whether to continue manufacturing it or not.

Wegathered 20 people with as many different skin types as possible to test the product for a month, and now we can publish the brilliant results. The product has pampered sensitive skin types by reducing redness, balanced sebum production on oily skins, and brightened dull and stressed winter skins. The scent of the oil has brought luxury to home spa-moments.We will introduce four before and after changes in more depth, and at the end you will find what the test group has to sayabout the oil. Thanks to these results, the oil’s fate is sealed: SILEÄ will be manufactured permanently.


Four different results: Milla, 21 years

On Milla’s skin you can see the most fantastic change of the whole test group. Milla has suffered from acne for almost ten years, and even though the acne has calmed down over the years, you can still see it especially on the lower part of her face. Her skin is also very sensitive and prone to redness. Milla herself finds the redness as a bigger problem than the acne. In the winter her skin is dry and feels tight.

SILEÄ especially helped to reduce redness on Milla’s face, and she reported that her skin was calmer starting as early as the second week of testing. “I feel like the oil is really soothing my skin. After applying the oil to my face, the skin looks and feels especially calm. My skin looks fresh in the mornings, and less red during the day. My skin also feels softer than before.”

Milla says the change after using SILEÄ was “amazing”. The redness reduced significantly, the acne was under control, the skin felt soft and looked brighter. This is how Milla describes the changes on her skin after the four-week testing period:

For me the most noticeable change has been the reduced redness of my face. During the testing period I noticed how my skin slowly calmed down. At the end of the testing period, I think the change is amazing, and I would have never dared to hope for a product that would help my sensitive skin this much. In the morning, my skin is wonderfully calm, and during the day it doesn’t get red like it used to but somehow looks brighter and clearer instead. Little bit of redness still occurs of course, so the problem hasn’t gone away completely, but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it used to, which is lovely.

The oil has also had a calming effect on my acne. This was a bit harder to evaluate because my acne has calmed down quite a lot since the more challenging years, but during the testing period I barely had any pimples, especially painful or big ones. As an added bonus my skin is also softer than it was before the testing period and applying cleanser and face cream onto the skin feels easy. And even though there are still scars, acne and redness on my skin, it looks brighter and healthier than in the before-pictures, and I’m very happy with the change. My cosmetologist also noticed the change in mid-December during a facial treatment. She said that my skin is in better condition and verified that the oil is a good addition to my skincare routine.”

Suvi, 33 years

Suvi feels that the most challenging issue on her skin is melasma, that you can see on her forehead and on top of her upper lip. Suvi has lived abroad for five years, where pollution and sun worsened the condition of her skin. Now she’s back in Finland’s winter, and you can see the change of climate on her face. Suvi describes her skin pores as big and easily clogged. She often gets blackheads around her nose, chin and cheeks. Her skin is oily but sometimes dry. She feels that her skin looks easily dull.

SILEÄ helped both; Suvi’s melasma, and the dryness and dullness of her skin.

“SILEÄ has worked very nicely on my skin. I have noticed that especially the pigmentation patches on the cheeks caused by melasma have lightened, and the skin pores are a little bit smaller than before. Great!! SILEÄ doesn’t clog the pores or irritate the skin in any way. My skin has stayed moisturised and there have been no dry patches that usually appear in the winter. My skin looks brighter and more even.

I’ve tried many face oils. SILEÄ has worked better for me than any other face oil I’ve tried. It absorbs very well and doesn’t leave a thick and oily layer on the skin. My oily combination skin is loving it! Lightened pigmentation and minimised pores have been really pleasant surprises! My skin looks clear and healthy.”

Riikka, 49 years

When Riikka applied to be a part of the test group, she felt that stress and aging made her skin look dull and tired. Before the test she described that the colour of her skin was pale and uneven, and that her skin was dry and wrinkled.

Riikka has documented positive observations after just two weeks of using SILEÄ:

“My skin feels and looks plumper and smoother. The colour of my skin is healthier – even a bit “rosy”. Putting on make-up is really pleasant – the skin looks so good that just mascara and eyebrow pencil are enough to make my face look finished and glowy. I enjoy my skin.”

After a month of regular use Riikka saw healthier coloured skin in the mirror. SILEÄ had become a desired moment of pampering in the day.

“I was completely fed up with my own face and its tired look, and it was great to see how the improving condition of the skin made me look at the face in the mirror more approvingly and contentedly. It’s not easy to accept the signs of aging, but now that my skin feels much better, it’s easier to deal with them. Instead of the dry, dull and pale skin it was before, my skin is now plumper, glowier and healthier in colour. The timing of the testing period was as challenging as it gets, even in the darkness of midwinter, freezing temperatures and feeling worn out from the stress caused by coronavirus and work, the results of using SILEÄ were good. 

I committed to using the product straight away and applied it to my face and neck morning and night. Those few second moments became the highlights of the day, because I barely have any self-care routines these days. The authentic earthy scent of the oil truly revived my senses, and the product’s soft, silky feeling in my fingers and on my face was pure luxury.”

Jenni, 31 years

Jenni has a long history with acne, and at the moment her skincare routine concentrates especially on treating the scars caused by adult acne that appeared on her skin three years ago. Her skin gets easily red, especially the cheeks. Her surface dry skin often gets oily during the day as well.

Jenni’s skin got better quickly after she started using SILEÄ, and at the end of the testing period the colour of her cheeks had evened out:

“The tone of the skin looked more even after just one night of using SILEÄ. The first feelings about the product clearly related to the calming of the skin. The sebum reduced noticeably during the first week of the testing. Now the skin is glowing beautifully because the oil works really well under the mineral base. After the testing period the skin is clearer, and the redness of the cheeks has reduced. 

As a result, I can say that SILEÄ is a very well-rounded facial oil in which all good effects meet! I used to mix different facial oils, but now I can concentrate on one product because this is clearly a does it all-oil. It is calming, balancing, moisturising, fixing and pampering. On top of that the bottle is beautiful, and I love that the oil itself is a beautiful shade of blue.” 

Test group’s experiences by sectors: texture

“The oil feels very silky and soft on the skin.” – Essi

“Really lovely texture! It works very well both in gua sha and as a basic daily facial oil. It’s easy and pleasant to apply and feels specifically smooth and silky on the skin.” – Jenni I.

“Very velvety and nice. I wanted to touch my skin for longer after applying the oil.” – Aino


“It surprised me how well the product absorbed, and it didn’t leave the skin too oily but perfectly moisturised instead.” – Henna

“Superb! Some face oils stay and circle on the skin for a long time but Sileä absorbs pretty quickly and you can apply make-up shortly afterwards.” – Aino

“Works well for both massaging and under the make-up.” – Roosa


“Calming, luxurious, natural.” – Kirsi-Maria

“Stunning scent! It reminds me of a very expensive, fine quality oriental herbal tea. The scent is perfect for bringing that lovely spa-moment into your own bathroom after a busy day of work. I enjoyed this little moment for myself immensely.” – Nina

“The scent cheered me up and calmed me down at the same time, and I looked forward to applying it and smelling it every morning and every night – as funny as that sounds.” – Seera

“Wonderful! Uplifting!” – Roosa

“Absolutely lovely! By far the best scent I’ve ever come across in cosmetics.” – Milla


“I had no idea such a high-quality cosmetic product can even exist! The immediate effect is impressive; the skin becomes smooth straight away.” – Kirsi-Maria

“You can feel the effects almost immediately, and you can see them clearly as well.” – Henna

“SILEÄ really does what it says. It feels silky on the skin, and the oil clearly balances the skin when used daily. You can see that they’ve really invested in creating this product, which is wonderful!” – Essi

“Really effective! You can see results just a few days after you’ve started using it. The calming and aromatherapeutic scent made it feel like a real treat.” – Tiina

“SILEÄ actually made the skin feel smooth and even. I noticed the sebum reduced on my T-zone. I’d say the most significant effect was a calm skin and an even skin tone.” – Seera

“I’ve tried to use face oils persistently because I know they’re good for the skin, but I felt like they were not meant for me. Sileä, however, seemed easily approachable because of its brilliant results.” – Laura

“Luxury facial oil that works for everything! Moisturises and cares for the skin excellently. The skin improves and gets glowy quickly. Very effective for a 40-year-old like me!” – Roosa

“Sileä oil became an instant favourite of mine. The oil’s scent is clean, fresh, light, gentle and calming, and that’s why applying it onto your skin feels like a meditative experience. The oil feels velvety on the skin and makes the skin feel soft, elastic and healthy. The oil absorbs well, and the skin feels cleaner and fresher.” – Mira

“After using Sileä for a month my skin feels more moisturised and there’s no surface dryness anymore. My skin tone is maybe a bit more even, and the skin feels firm.” – Heidi

“Sileä changed my opinion on facial oils and their suitability for my skin type. I will use this product regularly and I hope they will never stop manufacturing it.” – Jenni H.


You can buy SILEÄ Facial Oil here.

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