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Facial gua sha treatments are available to subscribers of the Yin Your Skin® online course. Professional training designed for licensed aestheticians and Chinese Medicine specialists serves as a foundation for providing facial gua sha treatments to customers.


Yin Your Skin® Signature Experience is a completely unique treatment package that is much more than a facial. The treatment invigorates the metabolism and lymph fluid flow as well as releases tension in the tissues, which improves skin mobility. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, providing optimal conditions for the renewal of the nervous system, body and skin. The treatment brightens and tightens the skin, instantly removes puffiness, and accentuates facial features like the contour of the jawline and cheekbones. Results will be visible on the skin for the following few days. The treatment is a combination of facial gua sha from the décolletage to the crown of the head, facial reflexology, reiki, and Yin Your Skin® signature sound healing composed by IRENE, creator of the Yin Your Skin® soundscape.

Yin Your Skin® Signature Experience treatments are available to customers who have bought the Yin Your Skin® online course.



Yin Your Skin® Pro training designed for licensed aestheticians and Chinese Medicine specialists provides the foundations for performing facial gua sha treatments in customer work.

The two-day training package comprises theoretical studies and practical exercises. The theoretical section includes studies on facial and tissue anatomy and the impacts and principles of facial gua sha. Practical exercises focus on the right techniques and protocols for providing a firming treatment for the décolletage, face and front and back of the neck, facial treatment to remove puffiness and metabolic waste, and invigorating treatment for the scalp. The practical section also involves targeted treatments for the skin around the eyes and wrinkles, and explores the right methods for challenges like acne and rosacea. Participants will become familiar with gua sha tools and plan customer marketing and pricing.

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Facial gua sha training for professionals

Thu-Fri 28.-19.10. at 9-18. Location: The Academy of Chinese Medicine in Finland, Helsinki

This training is available only for licensed beauty therapists