Yin yoga

If you just look to the face to treat the face, you are seeing only part of the problem, because the face is simply an extension of the body

– Clive Witham

Yin yoga – The Art of Surrender

Yin yoga is true beauty yoga with instant effects on the face. It’s all down to the fascia network – or meridians – which are like a spider’s web that covers the entire body, transmitting messages from head to toe and from the skin to deep inside. Yin yoga lies at the core of the entire Yin Your Skin® concept.

Compared to other styles of yoga, yin yoga could be described as “passive stretching” that involves relaxing muscles and holding asanas (postures) for three to five minutes instead of just a few breaths. Aids like a cushion, blanket or yoga block are used for maximum comfort to help relax and “melt” into the asana.

Yin yoga is suitable for anyone. You don’t need to be particularly flexible – quite the opposite: if you’re stiff as a plank, yin yoga will be extremely beneficial. It’s a good restorative exercise for fitness enthusiasts, but also ideal for anyone suffering from exhaustion and stress or recovering from travel.

The effects of yin yoga run deep through the body and mind. Yin yoga can get hold of layers that are often hard to reach in our busy and fragmented daily lives. It’s a soothing practice for a restless mind and creates horizons for inspiration and room for something new. It’s also a remarkable beauty routine that releases tension and boosts circulation in the body – both fluids and energy.

Yin Your Skin® offers four yin yoga routines, one deep relaxation practice and two guided meditations. The 90-minute Full Transformation journey provides a meditative space that lets you dive deep inside yourself. The 30-minute Instant Vitality practice is designed for when you feel a need to check in with yourself and balance your energy but lack time for the longer session. Yin yoga is a great practice to elevate the mood and make the body feel lighter. Many find the healing properties of yin yoga extremely effective when dealing with depression or anxiety or have trouble falling asleep. The 30-minute Beauty Sleep calms your body and mind and helps to fall asleep easily as well as supports the quality of sleep. The 60-minute Balance & Glow is a balancing and softly energizing practice that opens your body and mind gently and makes you glow inside out. The 15-minute Deep Release is a deep relaxation practice combined with serene sound healing. It is a gentle reset for the nervous system and it balances out the stress reaction. The 10- and 25-minutes guided meditations balance the body’s energy centres, chakras. Most people in today’s busy world find it difficult to sit in silence, even though it is the most simple and natural thing. Therefore it is a skill that would benefit from daily practice.

You can download written materials that will teach you the basics in yin yoga and about meridians and the fascia network. The materials include detailed illustrations on the body’s meridians and energy centres. You will find out about emotions and body parts related to chakras, common symptoms linked to meridians and how to impact each meridian through yin yoga and balance chakras.

Effects of yin yoga
  • Develops mobility and flexibility
  • Stimulates the creation of fibroblasts, the basic cells of connective tissue responsible for producing collagen, elastin and the matrix that lubricates tissues and joints
  • Hydrates connective tissue, improving the lubrication of joints and fascia
  • Improves lymph flow, invigorating the removal of metabolic waste and reducing swelling
  • Supporting the lymphatic system boosts the immune response of the entire body
  • Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body and improves digestion
  • Boosts the flow of qi in the meridians, affecting energies

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