Facial Gua Sha – Tighter and Brighter Skin

Facial gua sha is a combination of traditional gua sha based on Chinese Medicine, connective tissue manipulation and lymphatic drainage massage. As part of a regular self-care routine, facial gua sha gives your face a significantly more radiant, lifted and toned appearance.

Tighter and Brighter Skin

Gua sha is a millennia-old therapy based on Chinese medicine, currently trending as one of the most effective natural beauty treatments in the beauty industry. Facial gua sha is a combination of traditional gua sha, connective tissue manipulation and lymphatic drainage massage. It makes the skin look sculpted, vibrant and bright, and works miracles as an instant relief for puffiness. It differs from traditional Chinese gua sha, as it merges traditional gua sha and elements of connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage massage. In other words, a facial gua sha has been developed specifically as a beauty treatment and it’s important to understand that these are two distinct treatments. Read the article what is gua sha from here.

Skincare products target the surface of the skin, whereas the impacts of facial gua sha go way deeper –where genuine, long-term results take place. Facial gua sha is an effective product-free skincare method, which as part of a regular skincare regime is likely to reduce the amount of used products.

In gua sha, pressured strokes are applied to the skin with a flat tool, usually made of jade, rose quartz or bian stone. The treatment releases muscle and fascia tension and stimulates the circulation and metabolism efficiently. Gua sha leaves you feeling energized and alert and makes your energy flow freely.

A facial gua sha treats the whole body at the same time, as the impacts are transported via the fascia network. Gua sha is a holistic self-care method at its finest.

Facial gua sha creates an instant glow and strong vitality boost in a matter of minutes. As part of a regular self-care routine, facial gua sha gives your face a significantly more radiant, lifted and toned appearance. You don’t have to be a trained beauty therapist to enjoy the results of facial gua sha. With Yin Your Skin®, you can learn the methods quickly and get to see visible results in your own home spa.

Facial Gua sha is an effective treatment for aging skin that has long-term results, making it an excellent alternative to fillers and Botox. Instead of preventing signs of aging, the aim of facial gua sha is to make you a more vibrant and healthier version of yourself.

The Yin Your Skin® online course includes four gua sha basic techniques: Firming, Brightening and Lifting Treatment (20 min.), Treatment for Reducing Swelling and Removing Metabolic Waste (10 min.), Instant Beauty Fix and Glow (3 min.) and Quick Anti-Stress Treatment for the Body (3 min.). The online course includes written materials and videos to teach you the basics in facial gua sha for home care. You will learn how different emotions are reflected on the face and what various skin issues and signs are trying to tell you. You will have access to detailed illustrations on facial and head meridians and acupoints and facial and neck lymph nodes.

Effects of facial gua sha
  • Boosts skin circulation, so oxidized blood travels up to the surface layers of the skin to nourish tissues and skin cells
  • Boosts skin renewal
  • Invigorates lymph fluid circulation, removing puffiness on the face and under the eyes
  • Brightens and ”opens up” the eyes
  • Can reduce impurities
  • Can fade pigment spots
  • Improves collagen and elastin production
  • Fades fine lines and wrinkles and tightens saggy tissue
  • The features of the cheeks and jawline become more sculpted
  • Improves absorption of skincare products into skin
Facial gua sha is not recommended if you have
  • Damaged or infected skin
  • Rosacea, acne or perioral dermatitis (areas of the afore-mentioned symptoms should be left untreated, but you can treat skin below and around. Treating the neck and décolletage is actually beneficial if you have acne or rosacea.)
  • If fillers or Botox have been applied to the skin in the last three months
  • If you have blood clotting limitations
  • If you have aneurysm, thrombosis or advanced arteriosclerosis


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Gua Sha tools

LOVI Gua Sha Comb

LOVI comb is a gua sha classic. Suitable for the whole body from head to toe, it makes for a great general wellness tool. The U-shaped end with a notch follows the natural contours of your jawline, cheekbones and front and back of the neck, while the long side works well for the décolletage, face and your entire body. Combing the skin and especially the scalp feels divine. It releases tension and stress like magic.

In Finnish, LOVI means ‘notch’ but more importantly, it’s an ancient word for deep trance. In the old days, Lovi used to be a rare state of mind, achieved only with the help of a shaman. Nowadays we recommend it as a daily self-care nirvana.

NIVA Gua Sha Beauty Spoon

NIVA spoon is the most effective tool for activating lymph circulation and reducing puffiness. By small, pumping, wave-like motions, it encourages fluids into motion. It is tool number one for sensitive skin and the skin around the eyes, allowing a very gentle yet effective treatment. The side of the spoon is great for scraping wrinkles. The thin end brings an extra boost to treating sagging skin and scalp, and the other end is perfect for targeting acupuncture points.

In Finnish, NIVA is a word describing an arctic river with a wild, powerful stream. These pure and crystalline waters are always in free motion. Running and circulating, washing away any blockages with ease.

JALO Advanced Gua Sha Tool

JALO is the crown jewel of the Yin Your Skin tool collection. A gorgeous piece of bian stone, JALO is suitable for everyone but designed especially for professionals and demanding users aiming for premium effects. JALO is a bit bigger and heavier than the other tools and invites you to a variety of advanced techniques.

The serrated edge gives a unique boost for treating the wrinkles and helps you to effectively release blockages and tension in the connective tissue. The thinned lines are efficient for treating the saggy skin. Opposite to the useful U-notch, the hook-shaped end fits perfectly to areas behind and in front of the ear, around eyes and the nasolabials.

In Finnish, JALO means qualities such as graceful, fine, noble and elite. A stone embodying these qualities is a real ‘jalokivi’ – a precious gemstone and a piece of everlasting natural beauty. A companion for life.

KUULAS Gua Sha Beauty Roller

KUULAS roller is a wonderful tool for instant vitality. With KUULAS roller you’ll create a fresh glow to your face, neck and décolletage in a heartbeat. Rolling is a very easy and efficient way to boost your collagen production and blood circulation, making your skin instantly look and feel both tighter and brighter. Preparing your skin with KUULAS roller before applying beauty products ensures their better penetration and maximises their nurturing effects.

In Finnish, KUULAS means a certain glow that doesn’t really translate. Just imagine the Nordic winter morning sun illuminating the surface of the snow, making it look like a sparkling sea of diamonds.

LAHJA Gua Sha Facial Tool

LAHJA tool is shaped especially for treating the face. Smaller than a traditional gua sha comb, the tool with its perfect notches and curves makes it a great aid for your facial bone structure, jawline, masseter, cheeckbones and skin around the eyes. If you’re new to gua sha and wondering which tool to start with, LAHJA is a great choice. It’s a great, versatile tool for exploring the shape of your face and mastering the basic techniques.

In Finnish, LAHJA means ‘gift’. That’s what self-care is all about. Give yourself time, love and attention, and genuine beauty will become your second nature. If you’re wondering which tool to buy as a gift for yourself or to another loved one, you can never go wrong with this one.

The origin of Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools

Yin Your Skin® gua tools are made from 100 % xiuyan-jade which comes from Xiuyan city, Liaoning province from China. Each tool has a certification of identification of their origin. Bian stone comes from Jining-city, Shandong province, from China. According to the report from the factory, who has visited the minings, working conditions and safety meet the standards. To ensure the sustainability of jade and to repair the enviromental impacts of mining, there are several measurements which are done to repair for example the soil, plants and nature after the mining. Xiuyan-jade gua sha tool will last a lifetime if you don’t drop it on the floor.

Read testimonials about the effects of gua sha

“I’ve suffered from impurities since 2012 and acne since 2017 for which I was prescribed topical medication that just made symptoms worse. I’ve tried countless different natural products and adjusted my diet in an attempt to improve things. The products have always helped for a moment before my skin has returned to its usual state. Taking part in the three-week Yin Your Skin® gua sha challenge visibly improved my skin. After three weeks, the change was incredible, something I’ve never seen before. Any bigger spots have healed completely, and my skin has calmed down noticeably”


“Before starting to do gua sha, my right eyelid was droopy due to a sudden attack of illness years ago. I noticed changes in my skin and eyelid already a couple of days after starting the treatment. My eyelid isn’t as droopy anymore and my skin is more radiant. Gua sha is now part of my daily skincare regime.”


“Holistic wellbeing is important to me – when I feel well in my body, I want it to be visible also on the outside. In just under a year, I’ve achieved skin that’s in good shape all year round thanks to the 7 skin method and Katja’s guidance. That’s why I was eager to rise to the challenge in giving gua sha a go. During the 3-week challenge, getting to know one’s face in a new way and noticing changes I can achieve myself by using the gua sha tool on a daily basis has felt amazing. Every day, someone asks what I’ve done to my skin or what makeup I use. I’m a professional speaker, and the benefits of the treatment haven’t only been cosmetic, but it’s also released tension in the jaw. I warmly recommend the calming, relaxing moments of self-compassion – it has become a lovely daily ritual!”