Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience

Yin Your Skin Complete Experience brings a holistic wellness retreat to your home. Enjoy serene yin yoga lessons, enchanting and healing soundscape and learn the advanced techniques for facial gua sha that affect from skin to the core.

Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience

Yin Your Skin Complete Experience is a unique holistic beauty concept, that includes both Yin Your Skin online courses – Yin Your Skin Signature Experience and Yin Your Skin level 2 – Advanced Facial Gua Sha – in the same package. Buy both courses together and save 10 €.

Yin Your skin brings a serene Nordic yoga studio to your home. Guided lessons and meditations help you unwind and listen to yourself. The yoga lessons are accompanied with a magical, visually breathtaking journey to Nordic nature and all its seasons, far away from your daily life. The enchanting and healing soundscape harmonizes you and tunes you into your own inner voice.

Yin Your Skin has its own sonic realm. The soundtrack is composed and produced by Finnish pop artist IRENE. The Yin Your Skin soundtrack features soft, full-bodied, cinematic piano sounds, airy vocal melodies and hypnotizing patterns that invite you into deep rest. The entire Yin Your Skin sonic realm gravitates your heart into its restful pulse, grounding you into a state of clarity. Sound affects not only our muscles and tissues but also our brainwaves. Coherence is an important concept in terms of brain function. Our brain can work in a coherent (organized) way or in an incoherent way (unorganized). Yoga, meditation and a harmonizing soundscape are great ways to create more coherence, synchronicity and connection between mind, body and spirit. Yin Your Skin brings all these wonderful practices together as a holistic wellness experience.

Yin Your Skin Signature Experience introduces you to the basic facial gua sha techniques and an effective Korean beauty inspired regime, bringing your skin an instant boost of vitality and sculpting effects. You’ll learn the best methods through easy tutorials that create a peaceful atmosphere and ambience in your own home spa. The Yin Your Skin skincare regime aims for long-term results and optimal wellbeing for the skin – skin that looks healthy at any age. The Yin Your Skin skincare philosophy replaces the term anti-aging with healthy aging. The foundation for the entire skincare philosophy is that the skin is not a separate entity from the rest of the body, even if it’s the most superficial and visible part.

Yin Your Skin level 2 – Advanced Facial Gua Sha course takes your facial gua sha to a whole new level. You will learn advanced techniques that affect the deeper layers and functions of the skin – areas that even the most effective skincare products are unable to penetrate. The course includes detailed treatments for tension release from the masticatory muscles to lifting the eye area and treating skin problems.

Bring holistic wellness retreat to your home! Buy Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience here.

Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience 230 € with access to materials for 8 months starting from the purchase.
Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience includes

Yin Your Skin Complete Experience includes both Yin Your Skin online courses; The Signature Experience and level 2 – Advanced Facial Gua Sha. Buy both courses together in Yin Your Skin Complete Experience and save 10 €.


Yin Your Skin® Signature Experience includes:
  • Four yin yoga sessions (2x 30 min, 60 min and 90 min) with detailed guidance, the soundscape composed and produced by Finnish pop artist IRENE. Read about the effects of sound healing here and yin yoga here.
  • Two meditations (10 min and 25 min) with guidance
  • Two guided deep relaxation practices with sound healing (15 min and 30 min)
  • Detailed instructions for a skincare regime (duration 20 min). Read about skincare here.
  • Detailed instructions for a facial gua sha: Tightening, Brightening and Lifting Treatment (20 min.), Treatment for Reducing Swelling and Removing Metabolic Waste (10 min.), Instant Beauty Fix and Glow (3 min.) and Quick Anti-Stress Treatment for the Body (3 min.) as well as Introduction to the World of Gua Sha (10 min). Read about facial gua sha here.
  • Detailed, downloadable written materials on meditation, the body’s energy centres chakras, yin yoga, the theory of five elements, meridians, fascia network, gua sha and its effects, the lymph system and skincare.
  • Detailed illustrations of the body’s meridians, facial and head meridians and acupoints, facial and neck lymph nodes, the body’s energy centres chakras and gua sha massage pattern.
  • Product tips for skincare and facial gua sha


Yin Your Skin® level 2 – Advanced Facial Gua Sha includes:
  • 10 treatment protocols for facial gua sha advanced techniques:
  • Advanced treatment: puffiness & tension release, lift & sculpt (38 min.)
  • Décolletage treatment (4 min.)
  • Tension release from masticatory muscles (3.40 min.)
  • Natural lip plump & toning around the mouth (6.40 min.)
  • Lifting & clarity around the eyes (4 min.)
  • Treatment for the scalp (4.30 min.)
  • Advanced skin therapy: stagnation release for puffiness, irritation & blemishes (15 min.)
  • Quick vitality & glow (6.30 min.)
  • Energy balance & stress release (10 min.)
  • Circulation boost (13 min.)
  • Detailed illustrations of the facial muscles, five emotions and facial expressions which cause wrinkles and facial and neck lymph nodes.


Bring holistic wellness retreat to your home! Buy Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience here.

Yin Your Skin® Complete Experience 230 € with access to materials for 8 months starting from the purchase.
Read testimonials about Yin Your Skin®

” I tried yin yoga for the first time ever under the guidance of this course and I fell in love with it compeletely! It makes me feel so good from top to toe. The whole body feels relaxed and flexible after the practice. After a few practices, I clearly noticed how the body naturally began to bend deeper into postures. It was a pleasure to notice the change in a really short time. Thanks to the course, yin yoga has become an important routine for myself that I try to do several times a week. The effects of the practice extend to the mind and after each practice you are feeling relaxed and well in every way, and the mind is wonderfully calm.

With regular facial gua sha you can reach remarkable results. My husband and friends have commented on the ´unexplained´ glow on my face and the clarity of the facial features. Personally, after a few treatments, I notice that the skin is smoother and more glowing, and the chin line looks sharper. Facial gua sha treatment is a wonderful moment of relaxation. I like to do the treatment in the evening. It is wonderful to wash and moisturize the face calmly and then do the treatment. It feels like meditating, because I try to be present and concentrate on the moment.

The course is a carefully considered whole, with each component supporting the other. The course even exceeded my expectations in some parts. Sound healing was even more wonderfully sounding than I could have expected.”



”The course is wonderful overall. All the information is presented clearly, which makes it easy even for a novice like me to get involved. I gained new insight on holistic skincare. Gua sha is now part of my weekly routine. It was rewarding to see how my dry, relatively wrinkled skin became supple and healthy. It’s no longer as prone to redness and is better at handling the airconditioned indoor air at work. Yin yoga tags along wherever I go: the cottage, forest, beach, home, with and without my dogs. Also my husband got into yin yoga.

The course met my expectations in every way. While doing it, I also bought another online course that involved pilates, yin yoga, meditation and wellbeing advice, which turned out to be a waste of money. All the elements of the Yin Your Skin online course are of a high standard: the soundscape is perfect for yin yoga and Katja has a soft, pleasant voice and provides clear instructions for the asanas, so even a beginner like me knows what she’s doing. During the 90-minute yoga practice, I’d completely lose track of time, becoming focused on the body in a holistic, serene and magical way. The gua sha instructions are clear and accompanied with good video material. The instructions teach the basic techniques and principles for doing gua sha. The eight-month period gave plenty of time, thank you for that!”



”I’ve been practicing yin yoga and gua sha about twice a week for the last two months. My lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day has improved, although I still have some way to go. The long yoga session is so lovely and relaxing that I’ll be sticking to it. I’m fascinated by the gua sha practice, which has made a huge difference in removing puffiness after each treatment! I never expected the results to be so fast. My skin is in good shape and the bags under my eyes stay away when I get round to doing the treatment three times a week. Pretty incredible! I didn’t have skin issues before, but a glow has come as an added bonus. Even a friend remarked how healthy my skin is looking these days. My eyebags disappearing was a wonderful surprise – I didn’t think anything would help.

The best part about the course are the relaxing, beauty-boosting treatments spiced up with Katja’s clear directions and beautiful music that makes the experience totally unique. The course has far exceeded my expectations! I was mainly looking for a pick-me-up for the winter months and to counteract stress, but the holistic package has been a positive surprise that I’ve really enjoyed! I’ll carry on until the end of the subscription period and hope there’ll me more in the future.”



”This is the first time I bought an online course or exercises, but the quality is so high that I’m really pleased! After doing the exercises several times, I now feel I wouldn’t necessarily need the video anymore, but the music and guidance are so great that leaving them out wouldn’t cross my mind!”



“I started my gua sha training straight from the Level 2, because I wanted to get tips and treatment protocols for my sensitive couperose-prone skin. From the course I learned the right techniques to treat my own skin type. The videos on the course were wonderfully aestheic, relaxing and atmospheric. The shooting location created a nice feeling and the background music brought a nice addition to the instructional videos. The instructions were clear and it made the learning easy. The additional materials were comprehensive and interesting.

Despite my young age I have pretty bad couperose skin.  Pregnancy has also brought impurities to the cheeks and chin. I started the treatments quite eagerly together with Sileä facial oil. After just one week I noticed how the redness had calmed down in an absolutely incredible way. My skin tone smoothed very quickly, which I couldn´t expect to happen so soon. A few more impurities came at the beginning, but this clearly only indicated that the treatment was starting to work. When these impurities calmed down, my skin became wonderfully radiant and smooth, pure and somehow healthier. The look also changed as the swelling decreased and brought out my facial features, like jawline, better with brighter eyes.”



”The course completely exceeded my expectations! Already after a few treatments from the advanced course, I noticed a brighter face in the mirror and I was able to see how the excess fluids had reduced from the cheeks. At first I thought I didn´t have time for facial gua sha in my daily family life, but this jumped straight into my most important self-care rituals, which I can´t give up anymore. Although I treat my face with good products, facial gua sha has taken skin care to a whole new level!”