Yin Your Skin® LAHJA
Gua Sha Facial Tool


LAHJA tool is shaped especially for treating the face. Smaller than a traditional gua sha comb, the tool with its perfect notches and curves makes it a great aid for your facial bone structure, jawline, masseter, cheeckbones and skin around the eyes. If you’re new to gua sha and wondering which tool to start with, LAHJA is a great choice. It’s a great, versatile tool for exploring the shape of your face and mastering the basic techniques.

In Finnish, LAHJA means ‘gift’. That’s what self-care is all about. Give yourself time, love and attention, and genuine beauty will become your second nature. If you’re wondering which tool to buy as a gift for yourself or to another loved one, you can never go wrong with this one.


The origin of Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools

The origins of all of the stone used in Yin Your Skin gua sha tools is in China. The jade is 100% Xiuyan-jade from the city of Xiuyan in the province of Liaoning. The Bian is from the city of Jining in the province of Shandong and the white jade from the province of Yunnan. According to the manufacturer’s report, the working conditions and occupational safety of the plant and quarries are in good order. To ensure sustainable jade mining and to rectify the environmental impact, the soil, surroundings and vegetation are corrected after mining. All of the Yin Your Skin gua sha tools are manufactured in China due to gua sha being part of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese having the best know-how in their manufacture. A natural stone gua sha tool is made to last forever as long as it is not dropped. Yin Your Skin tool packaging is manufactured and assembled in Sweden.