Yin Your Skin® Pro HELMI
Facial Rejuvenation Gua Sha Tool


HELMI is a pro-level tool for facial gua sha designed by the founder Katja Kokko, available for certified Yin Your Skin Pro professionals and their customers only. Made of white jade, HELMI is a gorgeous talisman and the mightiest of all Yin Your Skin tools. Despite its minimalist appearance, it embodies a maximal amount of functional wisdom, ergonomic sophistication and offers ultimate effectiveness.

Inside the HELMI package, you will find a link to the video instructions for rejuvenating treatment protocol. Over time, the most committed HELMI users are likely to become self-taught facial gua sha masters.

The long jagged edge and the channel are perfect for treating and tightening the skin, and effectively releasing tension from the connective tissue. The sharp U-notch fits perfectly on the neck and the tip of the jaw, and is perfect for treating the acupuncture points effectively. The short sides of the U-notch are thinned for ideal precision – they are a perfect fit for treating the skin around the eyes and mouth providing exceptional results.

In Finnish, HELMI means ‘pearl’. The creation of a natural pearl is a process that can take decades. Yin Your Skin Pro HELMI tool is a result of a long-time development and passionate hands-on design process – one that has happened literally on the skin. It’s an ode to natural rarities, astonishing results and those who constantly hone their crafts.


The origin of Yin Your Skin® gua sha tools

The origins of all of the stone used in Yin Your Skin gua sha tools is in China. The jade is 100% Xiuyan-jade from the city of Xiuyan in the province of Liaoning. The Bian is from the city of Jining in the province of Shandong and the white jade from the province of Yunnan. According to the manufacturer’s report, the working conditions and occupational safety of the plant and quarries are in good order. To ensure sustainable jade mining and to rectify the environmental impact, the soil, surroundings and vegetation are corrected after mining. All of the Yin Your Skin gua sha tools are manufactured in China due to gua sha being part of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese having the best know-how in their manufacture. A natural stone gua sha tool is made to last forever as long as it is not dropped. Yin Your Skin tool packaging is manufactured and assembled in Sweden.